About Us

About Us

FitzRich, Inc., d.b.a. Teeny Tiny Productions, is a motorsports event planning company with extensive experience producing and hosting car and motorcycle events.  The company is especially committed to the presentation and conservation of very small cars.  We strive to highlight the fun factor of historic motorcars by means of exhibition and education while promoting the locations where the cars are displayed.

People of all ages appreciate cars.  It's a global phenomenon.  As a family pastime and common cultural experience, gathering to view fine automobiles and mechanized transportation machines is a tradition that has taken place since cars were invented, refined and made popular in the early 20th Century.  Teeny Tiny Productions brings small cars to historic urban settings to display and teach while promoting the commercial districts of city neighborhoods.

For over 25 years we've been participating in and eventually producing, promoting and hosting automobile and motorcycle events across the United States and Europe.  Over the years, we have befriended car enthusiasts from around the world who have shared their enthusiasm with us about their cars and collecting.  Between our personal experiences and the involvement of fellow small-car enthusiasts, we understand what makes these events successful, memorable and fun.  Producing and hosting car shows has become second nature to us, and we would like to share our experience with well organized, free-to-the-public events.


In 2007, Burt Richmond & Diane Fitzgerald, long-time residents of Chicago's historic Old Town and car enthusiasts, formed FitzRich, Inc., a motorsports event planning company.  The genesis of Teeny Tiny Productions is the brainchild of FitzRich Inc.

During the 60th Old Town Art Fair in 2009, Diane & Burt displayed eight small cars (complete with information plaques) in front of their home on N. Sedgwick Street and Fern Court.  These small, fuel-efficient cars attracted so much attention that Diane and friends Rebecca Hoffman and Wendy Jarchow, also Old Town residents, decided to produce small car events - exhibitions and invitational car shows - to piggyback with Chicago's summer festival season.

Known as "Bubble Cars", these tiny cars evolved in the late 1940's after WWII as European industries were starting back to work and began producing cars for the masses.  They were underpowered and lightweight, sipping fuel to get over 70 miles per gallon.  Previously, vehicle ownership had never been possible for young European families and these cars were capable of transporting families in relative comfort.

By our definition, microcars are passenger cars with 500cc or smaller engines. Minicars are 501cc to 999cc. Both are modest, inexpensive, fuel-efficient and fun. To put it in context, a Chevrolet Aveo is 1,500cc, as are the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris; a 2009 Ford Focus is 1,999cc and a 2009 Toyota Corolla is 2,362cc. A 2009 Cadillac DTS is 4,600cc! Today’s Smart Car is 999cc.

Mission Statement

Teeny Tiny Productions’ mission is to provide the simple pleasure of happiness by exposing the public to very small cars through organized, free-to-the-public car shows in cities across the United States, beginning with Chicago.

Teeny Tiny Productions (TTP) facilitates the presentation of small cars as enthusiasts, and to that end presents the best examples of the many varieties of microcars and minicars available. Small car owners, neighbors and community residents are part of the experience. Through presentation and education, TTP raises awareness about the “fun factor” of these tiny treasures while delighting the public in a burgeoning urban setting complete with shopping and restaurants and piggybacking with existing events.

TTP educates the public about small cars and promotes the purchasing of modern small cars with energy savings potential and
environmental benefits.

Teeny Tiny Team Members
- Diane Fitzgerald, Liza Berkoff, Don Luster and Kristen Tobis

Teeny Tiny Team Members 
Rebecca Hoffman, Diane Fitzgerald and Liza Berkhoff pose with the "People's Choice" award winner.

Teeny Tiny Team Member
Burt Richmond chats with car owners Joe Rodriguez and Glenn Bukac.

Teeny Tiny Security
- Lori Stranski and Alphonso Hansbrough

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Liza Berkoff
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Wendy Jarchow
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Lori Stranski
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