Teeny Tiny Productions Presents our 2011 Events Line-Up!


Hot City & Cool Cars:
The Second Exhibition of The Très Petite Concours

It’s no surprise to you that small cars = big smiles. But who would guess that little cars would be the gateway to interactions with such a broad group of people - kids to seniors? Children think microcars were made for them. Teens are amazed by their shape and color. Women love the design and think of them as “accessories”. Men are intrigued by the improbable technology. And seniors have stories from the old days and “old country” about these great, little vehicles.Despite the heat, humidity and dramatic cloud burst on Sunday, July 18th, the turn-of-the-century Victorian buildings in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood were an excellent backdrop for Teeny Tiny Productions’ second exhibit of The Très Petite Concours.  Over 10,000 people made their way along historic Armitage Avenue shopping in stores and checking out the teeny tiny cars.  
Twenty micro and minicars from 12 Chicago area collectors were exhibited along the 900 block of Armitage Avenue in Chicago’s Lincoln Park during the weekend of July 16-17-18, 2010.  The Très Petite Concours exhibition was the newest addition to The 12th Annual Armitage Sidewalk Sale and 42nd Annual Sheffield Garden Walk & Festival, which combined attracted 50,000++ people throughout the weekend.

Unlike a typical car meet or “parking lot show”, the exhibiting car collectors in The Très Petite Concours dropped off their micro and minicars on Friday afternoon and exhibited them through Sunday afternoon. Round the clock spectators lined the streets viewing the vintage and modern cars" taking photos, talking to the Teeny Tiny Team and voting for their favorite car. Hundreds of children and adults, ages 5 to 85, voted in the “People’s Choice” awards. Jim Lichter’s 1964 Amphicar (German) was crowned the overall event winner with Burt Richmond’s Fiat Abarth Zagato “Double Bubble” (1959) tallying in at a close second.

“Heard on the street” reactions included “Awesome.  A lot of fun” and “These cars are sweet" and good lookin’ too!”.  Many local passersby brought others back with them the next day.  Second and third-time visitors invited their friends, families and grandmothers to join in the fun.

New to this exhibition was the Teeny Tiny Giveaway, where participants in the “People’s Choice” award voting were entered into the drawing for the chance to win 4 hours with a microcar or minicar and a driver.  Sunday afternoon, a ballot was chosen at random.  Rather than catching a ride to an event or the movies in a Cinquecento, Isetta or other small car, the winner decided to donate her prize to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The concept of Teeny Tiny Productions is to have vintage small car exhibitions in historic neighborhoods of major cities.  With the limited space an urban setting affords, an invitational is the best format. For this second Très Petite Concours, we were permitted to use 263 feet…perfect for 20 microcars!

And of course, concepts expand! The next exhibit in the series of invitational events will be April 22 through May 1, 2011 in New York City at The New York International Auto Show where we have been allocated 20,000sf for an exhibit of small cars from the New York metropolitan area.

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The Petite Concours:
The Art of Small Cars Invitational  
at the
111th New York International Auto Show

April 20-25, 2011 - New York

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The Petite Concours: The Art of Small Cars Invitationals
The Très Petite Concours
Exhibitions of Micro & Minicars
at the
62nd Old Town Art Fair

June 10-11-12, 2011 - Chicago

The Très Petite Concours: Exhibitions of Micro & Minicars
 at the
13th Annual Armitage Sidewalk Sale & 42nd Annual Sheffield Garden Walk & Festival

July 15-16-17, 2011 - Chicago


The Très Petite Concours: Exhibitions of Micro & Minicars
 at the
53rd Annual Chicago Air & Water Show

August 20-21, 2011